Growing Green

Environmental responsibility  is a core value of Lang, Richert & Patch and we are committed to leading the Central Valley’s legal community in the adoption of sustainable and green business practices.  Lang, Richert and Patch has undertaken numerous initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint and is dedicated to continue these improvements.  Our goal is to lessen our impact on the environment through the implementation of environmentally friendly practices in the workplace, as well as in the home.   As our firm continues to expand our business in the Central Valley and beyond, we are committed to “growing green” to ensure that we continue our tradition of environmental stewardship.

Lang, Richert and Patch recognizes that as officers of the law, we have a heightened duty to govern our business in a socially  responsible manner, and we embrace this responsibility as an opportunity to make positive changes in our community.  We encourage our employees, clients, and other Central Valley businesses to join the green movement.  Lang, Richert & Patch’s green philosophy is a key component of our longstanding commitment to our community and to the socially responsible practice of law.