Summer Associates (Traditional Second Year Law Students)

Our Summer Associate Program is an important source of new associates, and we regard this Program as a very important aspect of our hiring effort. Our primary goals are to provide (1) meaningful and challenging substantive legal work in a variety of firm practice areas; and (2) a realistic sense of the law practice and the philosophy and ethics of the firm.

Mentors: Each Summer Associate is assigned two mentors. One is a Firm owner, and the other is an associate. The mentors oversee the distribution of work assignments, monitoring the quantity and type of work to ensure that Summer Associate receives a positive and varied experience. The mentors also help Summer Associates gain further insight in the firm and respond to questions or concerns. A similar mentor program is employed for new attorneys hired directly out of law school.

Assignments: Summer Associates are offered assignments from all practice areas, with consideration given to individual interests. The goal is for Summer Associates to work with numerous attorneys within the various practice areas and to work on a variety of challenging projects. Summer Associates attend practice area lunches where in-house attorneys provide valuable insight into various aspects of law practice. Summer Associates are encouraged to attend and observe legal proceedings, including court hearings, depositions, trials, settlement conferences, mediations, and client conferences. Summer Associates are also encouraged to attend local Bar functions as well as regularly scheduled firm attorney lunches and litigation meetings. In addition to informal progress reviews, Summer Associates receive formal mid-summer and end of summer reviews based on written evaluations, interviews with supervising attorneys, and other factors.

Social Events: The Program also provides Summer Associates with the opportunity to meet with Lang, Richert & Patch attorneys and their families outside the office. Depending on the nature of the event, attendance by guests (including children) is encouraged. In past years, these social events have included Fresno Grizzlies’ games, dinner parties at the homes of various owners, barbecues, and white water rafting trips.

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