Erica C. Gonzalez Elected To Fresno County Young Lawyers Board of Directors

Erica C. Gonzalez was elected to the Fresno County Young Lawyers Association (FCYLA) Board of Directors for the 2010/2011 term. FCYLA is composed of those members of the Fresno County Bar Association who have been members of the State Bar of California for five years or less or are 36 years of age or younger. FCYLA is formally affiliated with the Fresno County Bar Association, but has its own independently elected Board of Directors.

FCYLA organizes events throughout the year to provide opportunities for new lawyers to interact in order to continue the tradition of a close-knit association between local practitioners. To achieve this, FCYLA begins by providing organizational support for the swearing in ceremonies for new lawyers. The effort continues with several social gatherings during the year, which allow lawyers to interact in informal settings. FCYLA also sponsors the George A. Hopper Memorial Scholarship Luncheon, which awards a scholarship to a local law student and brings a prominent member of the judiciary to address the local bar. In addition, FCYLA sponsors the Blaine E. Pettitt Memorial Mentor Award, recognizing the contributions of a local attorney toward the development of new lawyers.

FCYLA gives back to the community by providing lawyer volunteers to help coach high school students in a mock trial competition sponsored by the Constitutional Rights Foundation and the California Young Lawyers Association and also provides, on a continuing basis, Career Day speakers and classroom lawyer advisors to local elementary and high schools.